Situated on the exclusive location in Dedinje in calm surrounding next to White Palace the Jerry’s Restaurant connects marvelous hospitality with creative culinary. Jerry’s is the place for true hedonists, the ones who seek and recognize the highest quality in hospitality sector.

    The modern approach to culinary, large offer of premium vines and hostile stuff makes a totally new gastronomic experience.


    All of us in Jerry’s restaurant are trying for you to experience something new, unforgettably different every time you come to our restaurant. 

    We believe that the best quality groceries, excellent team and every day work on improving the quality of service gives the best results. 

    We are especially proud on our steak offer which makes our restaurant unique.

    Nowadays guests are expecting unique experience and that is exactly what we want to offer and what makes us different from others. Feel free to expect even more and different if you are coming for the first time or you are our regular guest.


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